Institute of Statistics and Big Data (ISBD)


The Institute of Statistics and Big Data (ISBD) at The Renmin University of China was established in May of 2015 with mission to build a first rated discipline in statistics and data science. It supports research and teaching in traditional statistical areas, such as mathematical statistics, financial statistics, biostatistics, computational statistics, spatial statistic and applied statistics, and other related areas, such as large data optimization and algorithm, large data (structured or non-structured) mining, machine learning and deep learning. It offers a Ph.D. degree program and is planning to offer a master degree program in data science soon. The Ph.D. program is a joint program with the Department of Statistics at Texas A&M University. Students complete the program successfully will receive a diploma from Renmin University of China and a diploma from Texas A&M University. The Institute currently has 10 faculties who were all hired through global search and will continue to hire in the next few years to reach the size of 20 faculty members. In addition, the Institute has two adjunct professors, Professor Oliver Linton from Cambridge University, England, and Professor Runze Li from Pennsylvania State University, USA.


The statistics group at the Renmin University of China is ranked the number one statistical program by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The Institute’s goal is to upgrade the statistics group to the level of the first tier statistics departments in the western countries. To achieve this goal, the faculties are not just hired through global search, but also are tenure-track faculties, subject to the same standards as those employed by the top 40 U.S. statistics departments. The graduate programs are designed and run exactly like a typical U.S. graduate programs. The Institute is managed and run exactly like a typical U.S. statistics department.