As part of Renmin University of China, Institute of Statistics and Big Data (ISBD) supports the University’s principles of “People`s satisfaction, World-Class university”, establishing an educational and research institute to meet the challenges of the big data era. We are committed to achieving a world-class level in statistics and data science, carrying out original research in the frontier, creating a high level multidisciplinary of foreign academic exchanges and personnel training platform, and offering high-quality service in government decision-making process. Our study covers many research fields, including mathematical statistics, health and biostatistics, computational statistics, financial statistics, big data, government statistics and research consulting. The dean of our institute is Dr. Chunrong Ai, who is also an awardee of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (known as The Thousand Talents Plan).

Renmin University of China possesses a group of first-rate creative faculties in Statistical Science:

Three awardees of the Thousand Talents Plan,

Two awardees of Cheung Kong Scholars Programme,

One awardee of the Ministry of Personnel Department of New Century Talents National Project,

Five Cross-Century talents of the Ministry of Education of China ,

One awardee of Organization Department of CPC of Outstanding Young Scholar,

One awardee of National Natural Science Foundation of Excellent Youth Scholar.

In scientific research, we always pursue excellence and actively carry out original research at Renmin University of China. So far, our faculties have published more than 100 paper in leading international journals. In addition, we also actively participatein domestic applied research,conducting independently more than 100 important social science projects of Ministry of Education of China financed by the National Social Science Fund, the National Fund and many other resources.

To meet the challenges of big data , we plan to build up a team with up to 20 faculties hiring from overseas and establish an advanced personnel management and performance appraisal system. With construction lasting 5 to 10 years, we aim at building up the best statistics and data science institute in Asia. Cooperating with leading scientists around the world, we have carried out various forms of education and research in statistics and data science, and reached an agreement with Texas A&M University in the U.S.A. We also cooperate with the National Bureau of Statistics, studying the development and utilization of big data and working together inareas including discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training and government consulting services.